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Content, property and limitations of website use

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Website security

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Breaches of system or network security are amenable to public or criminal liability. Any breaches will be investigated, involving the judicial authorities if necessary and cooperating with them in order to prosecute those responsible for said breaches. By using the website, the user accepts through the present agreement to refrain from using any appliance, software or routine designed to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the correct operation of the website or any other activity carried out on the website itself. He or she also accepts not to use or attempt to use any engine, software, instrument, agent or other appliance or mechanism (including browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or intelligent agents) other than the search engine and search agents available on the website itself and different to the web browser commonly used, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer, to visit the website or carry out searches.

Absence of guarantee

Online services and website content are given “as they are”. “e-Bike Touring” does not make any remark or give any guarantee, explicit and/or implicit, including guarantees or conditions of right or suitability for special purposes or non-breach, with regards to the website or its operation and content.

Whilst considering the content to be accurate, complete and updated, “e-Bike Touring” does not make any remark or give any guarantee on the accuracy, completeness or up-to-datedness of the information accessible via the website.

Some of the information contained in this website may refer to future events. We wish to inform users that such declarations are merely anticipations and that the actual events may be materially different.

Limit of liability

“e-Bike Touring” and its employees, managers, officers, agents, suppliers or external service providers cannot in any way be held responsible towards the user or third parties for any particular damage, whether indirect or of any other nature, including the impossibility to use the service, damage deriving from actions caused by the sole responsibility or negligence of the user or any other detrimental actions deriving from or linked to the use, inability to use, reproduction and visualization of the content of the present website.

Information provided by users

The user agrees that any material, information or idea transmitted to the website or otherwise provided to “e-Bike Touring” (“material transmitted”) will become and remain the property of “e-Bike Touring”. Through the present agreement, the user transfers to “e-Bike Touring” all rights to the material transmitted including any copyright, without limit of time or space, free of charge for any present or future use in all languages.

Furthermore, the user agrees and takes note that it is forbidden to send or transmit from/to the website illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory, slanderous, pornographic or obscene material or any other material amenable to public or criminal liability in compliance with the law. The user assumes all responsibility for the content of his or her comments.

Modifications to the terms and conditions of use

“e-Bike Touring” reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use by updating the present document without prior notice. The user agrees that when a part of the present terms and conditions of use are no longer applicable, the remaining part of the same terms and conditions will be amended in such a way as to render it as applicable as possible and in compliance with the law. By using the website, users agree to be bound by any such modifications and to periodically check the present online document to view the terms and conditions of use applicable at the time.


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Register file

Like many other companies, “e-Bike Touring” collects technical information from a user’s computer each time he or she visits a page on the website. This communicates the user’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, the type of browser used, the address of any other connected websites and other technical information to “e-Bike Touring” Occasionally, “e-Bike Touring” collects and analyses this data but does not however sell or disclose the information to third parties.

Links to external websites

Please note that by clicking on external website links, users must respect the privacy policies adopted by the said websites and not those adopted by “e-Bike Touring”. We strongly recommend that users read the privacy policies of these websites so that they can see whether they differ from those adopted on our website.

“e-Bike Touring” staff may be contacted directly at the offices at:

  • Via Einaudi 6/B 50065 Le Sieci – Pontassieve (FI)
  • Phone:+39.331.7338673
  • Email: info@ebiketouring.it

Rental Conditions

  • The client (renter) is fully responsible for the rented equipment.
  • The rented equipment is not insured. The renter takes 100% breakage risk and 100% theft risk.
  • In case of theft or complete damage, the cost of the equipment will be charged on the renter at the wholesale price of the lessor, reconsidering the eventual current valuation due to the usury and to the time.
  • In case of theft of the rented equipment, the renter must immediately report the theft to the local police authority.
  • In case of damage of the rented equipment due to negligence or intentional damage or partial damage, the cost to repair will be charged on the renter.
  • During the rental time it is possible to change the rented equipment with another of the same category. Against the payment of a fee, it is possible to have an upgrade in the equipment for a higher category. It is not possible to receive a refund in case of change with an equipment of lower category.
  • The cost of the rented equipment is calculated with the last day of rental included, and it must be returned within 7 pm closing time of the date confirmed and fixed in the contract. 1 additional day of fee will be charged on the renter in case of return after that time.
  • If the rented equipment is not returned, for any reasons, at the end of the confirmed rental time, the lessor will report theft to the local police authority after the 7th day from this date.
  • The equipment can be returned before the end of the rental time, therefore there will be no refund for earlier returns. Refunds will be given only in case of sickness/accident showing a valid medical certificate.
  • With his/her signature, the renter agrees to the appropriate adjustment of the seat height, brakes and bike geometry according to his/her personal data.
  • With his/her signature, the renter declares that has received the rental equipment in perfect conditions.
  • Online bookings can be canceled and refunds can be granted only according to the rules expressed on Booking Cancellation Conditions and Refund Policies page.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Italian law and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the country, even if the renter has his/her legal residence abroad.
  • With the online booking this rental agreement is valid and legally binding.